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Stage management

  • Coordination of different stages during the development of the project
  • Set management, writing of scenic riders
Reference 2016/2017
Ibrahim Maalouf
Red & Black Light Tour – 10 years of live show

Technical management

  • Technical consulting / Feasibility study
  • Market study
  • Étude de marché  
  • Technical Drawings realization
  • Interlinking of clients and service providers
Reference 2016/2017
Ardon Festival (France, Loiret, 45)
Bécarre Production

Tour management

  • Preparation and coordination of tour (terms and conditions of the technical hosting, transporting supplies, travel and accommodations of the tour’s members)
  • Road map realization, writing of riders and data sheets
Reference 2016/2017
Manu Katché Unstatic Tour
Anteprima Productions

General coordination

  • Coordination of technical means required for the show (logistics, human and material needs)
  • Proposal / Realization of the proposal / Post realization / Writing of technical papers
Reference 2016/2017
Coordination management “UP & Down”
Directed by Malika Jmel

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